ETS Drift Ute – Lungs of Chromoly

Oh man, its been a big week! Late nights and early mornings seem to just be the normal for me now, its another full time job on top of my other full time job, heres the run down on whats been going on this week!

I started with the front end, i didn’t like a heap of things up front so i started from scratch! The arms are now 1.5 inch chromoly with a 1.8mm wall and then 1.25 inch caster rods that sit inboard and then mount to the chassis with a neat double shear bracket.

The rod ends are .75 inch and at the moment everything is tacked up and ill spend a night welding them next week.

Ive also done the rear lower control arms out of 1.25 inch chromoly, again everything is tacked together and i have to go over the measurements before the final welding.

With the lower control arms done i moved onto the camber arms, i had some old broken bent arms (thanks Ritchie) and used the big adjuster and just redrilled and tapped it for the 5/8 rod ends that are used throughout the entire rear end.

I drew up some unique arm ends to bolt to the upright, these will be CNC machined from billet K1045 steel and incorporate a 5/8 thread that will screw onto the upright, these will form the traction rods and toe rods so as soon as those are done this will roll once again! As with every week i learn so much about everything that I’m doing and that will continue throughout the build. Things are getting exciting now!