ETS Drift Ute – Roses are red

Thanks to Paul from VPW for helping me select these QA1 rose joints, i needed a stack of them to build the front LCA arms, rear multilink and swaybar connectors.

Ive built new front LCA arms using 3/4 UNF rose joint on the inner and factory ball joints on the outer. Once every things welded up ill press the ball joints in and then redesign my caster rods.

Now I’m up to building all the rear arms, i have to wait for a 1 1/4 die to bend the chromo tube for the lower arms, it should all be rolling again after a few hours work next week.

None of the tabs will be welded on until the arms are made, adjusted and clearances checked. Its tiring tedious work but it will pay off in the end.

  1. Love these detail posts! Keep it up dude!

  2. Hi mate I work for a professional race team , I’m a major fan of this project , don’t want to tell u how to do it but a quick one with the rod end weld in’s the correct method is to have min 1 1/2 thread size insert and then roset the tube with 2 3/16 holes so u weld around the end and the 2 roset holes , I would hate to see a arm fail and cause damage to yourself and this work of art . Cheers

  3. Are you using aluminium rod end?

  4. Like Grant pointed out, it looks like you’re using aluminum heim-joint. The red “coating” looks anodize, and I never knew you could anodize steel. So it must be aluminum?!?!

    • If you hit something like a wall you want something to break! better it be the rose joints than the chassis, that’s why sprint cars run them so their expensive crmo chassis stays intact and just replace whole front and rear ends


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