180SX – The latest

Well its been good to get stuck into the 180SX and start this year with fresh car, all those worrying little issues have been sorted and now its starting to all come together, read on for more info.

The new trans tunnel is now all finished, its a pain welding the stupid double layer stock firewall to the new sheetmetal but i got through it.

After some sealer its ready to paint, but first i have to mount a new dry cell battery on top of the tunnel and design a new handbrake.

It was the best feeling putting the gearbox in the new tunnel, now i have so much room i can actually fit the gearbox by myself easily withought having to tilt the motor or do any kind of hammering. I rachet strap the gearbox to my trolley jack, get it lined up and simply push it in, then add the crossmember bolts and its job done. Now all i have to do is get another tailshaft made (2 piece), make a shifter cover and a new dogleg shifter and its ready to go.


  1. This is awesome work, looks amazing. Keep it up champ!

  2. Well worth the effort. even with 2 guys, its a pain pushing the engine back, and jacking up the motor, trying to line things up!

  3. Looking good nige! Ideas on where the new handbrake setup will go?

  4. how come your going for a 2 piece shaft out of curiosity?


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