ETS Drift Ute – Bracketry

I finally worked out where my pedals needed to be so i fabricated the bracketry needed. 

Hole saws and dimple dies are a race car fabricators best friend. The dimples add another dimension to the steel and increase rigidity while the material removed from the hole decreses weight. Its those extra touches that will hopefully take this build to that next level.

I also tacked up the final position of the S15 handbrake. Theres so many aspects of a ground up build that its hard to know where to start, one thing at a time, spending enough time to do each step properly!

  1. The small fiddley (sp) fab stuff I like most in car builds.

  2. Dimples look rad man! How are you mounting those reservoirs to that you can easy top them up? Or because youve got a gutted dash, they’ll be easy to access?

  3. Cheers mate, the S15 dash has a removable passenger airbag “lid” they sit under that so its easy to pop the top and fill em up!!

  4. Ahhhh true true. Thats quite convenient then ! haha.
    You havnt missed a single thing ! Everything has a place and purpose. But then again, even from the black 180, things were like that. maybe not quite to this extent (lol).

  5. Now you are just showing off. Dimple die also, nice. Forgot you drive on the other side. Wondering why the reservoirs were on the left.


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