Matsuri Part 15 – The Finale

The matsuri weekend was an action packed drift festival full of good people, amazing drivers and cars that went to hell and back.

We took a look around late in the afternoon as everyone was packing up and heading home, some new cars were still arriving and taking to the track, at Ebisu you can pretty much rock up whenever you want and drive so matsuri was really no different to any other business day for Ebisu.

The amount of tires outside Andy and Emilys garage had to be seen to be believed, nearly all these tyres started as brand ones and if they wernt popped then you were wasting them.

The grip drivers seemed to have a good time over the Matsuri, the track time the japanese are subject to makes me super jelouse!

After all the cars were packed up we called it a day, Matsuri was over and what an experiance. If you love to drift then you need to do this before you die!

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  1. thanks man, pic of my car above the words “to hell and back”

    makes me feel like I don’t look after it.


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