Japan Day 7 – Interiors of D1SL

Nakamuras team BURST S13 kicks of the “interiors of D1SL” post, sit back and have a look inside some of japans “street legal” drift cars. 

Bride seats pretty much own the drift scene and for good reason, why would you go with any other seat?

Duel brake bias valves have me a little baffled, ones a detent lever and ones a spin knob, would like to know how they operate, the earls banjo bolts on the keyring are cool!

I love these Bell helmets, notice the radio gear attached to them, the spotters of each team stand trackside and let the driver in on anything he may be missing behind the wheel. Most cars were running HKS F-ConV ECUs, the picture of a loved one on the dash also helps as a motorvational tool!

Nardi and Bride combos go so well together

Old bride fixed back looks like its still going strong

Thats a fire retardent beanie hanging from the rear view mirror, seems most Japanese motorsports require one.

The Upgarage AE86 Turbo was very neat inside.

The MCR S15

Complete with colour matched helmet

As you can see in this S14 it still retains most of the factory sound deadning

Now this is real “street Legal” you could almost get away with it in Australia, oh hang on no way!

Now thats a neat S14 interior

Love the Sard and Defi instruments

Ill finish this post with this carbon shelled dash, next post will be the action of D1SL, this japan trip is taking a long time to do but i hope everyone appreciates the detail.

  1. Dual brake picture just appears to be a proportioning valve for the brake system. Allows you change pedal feel etc. at the turn of the knob.

    • But why have two?

  2. i love these posts! it’s great to see the variety of all the cars, each post with a specific focus. so cool.

  3. Love the post’s! So glad your taking the time to post such thorough pics/info!!!

  4. Oh I am enjoying all the pictures,I’m checking in all the time for new post.I love the rising sun Nakamura has on the pass. side dash…want one!

  5. I REALLY appreciate how you show us cars, their interiors, and their engine bays. Most people just take a picture of the outside and describe the rest.

    • Thanks mate, im always left wanting more so i post what i would like to see. Engine bays and interiors is where its at!!

  6. Not sure why there would be two.Hydraulic e-brake in the stock (handle and all?).

  7. I wonder if the twin proportioning valves are for fine adjustment (knob) + complete bias (lever) so that you can adjust bias for burnouts etc without wrecking your fine adjustment for the track?

  8. Good to see them all using stock handbrakes. To many people in Aus jump onto hydro’s when with good pads and setup, they aren’t needed.


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