Japan Day 3 – Engine bays of MSC

In the last post we saw the cars of MSC now its time to have a look at the what makes the cars perform so well. Above is the engine bay of that super wide S15 on Driftmasters. Highlights include the big IHI turbo setup that is possibly an RX6 kit, lengthened front tubs for more wheel arch movement, tack welded towers and supports, engine bay mounted intercooler, big 90mm throttle and “surge tank”

Team Magicians 110 is as serious as they get

The pink Laurel housed a neat RB25 setup, you just have to thank nissan for making these cars with super high strut tops.

I just love these DMAX exhaust manifolds

This 180SX had a big T67 turbo and crossflow radiator. Also note it still had aircon.


This turbo 4AGE AE86 had the screamer out the bonnet and was really loud.

Internal gated GT28-35 kit on this S14 showed that you dont need a shiney engine bay to get the job done.

Another normal looking S14 engine bay with a strapped down dry cell battery and aftermarket CPU deleting the AFM and adding an air temp sensor.

Japan showed me that less is more, this S14 was only rocking the essentials and did really well.

We all love a TD06 setup on an SR. You cant knock the power they produce.

Love these oldschool triangulated strut braces

Hope you enjoyed the engine bays, up next interiors of MSC

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