ETS Drift Ute – Pack Rack Complete

The rack that holds the BMX, Wheels and tyres is all complete, I’m really happy with how it turned out and I think it will be a really good little item to have while the Hilux is touring. At the...

ETS Drift Ute – Strip Down

Since getting home from Brisbane I have been chipping away at getting this back to a bare frame for powder coating. The test run on the clear powder coated BMX frame is going well. Its a great feeling...

BMX – Raw Trial

I have had two BMX bikes for a while now, I didn’t like the colour combo on the “Mankind” frame which I use most often (because it has brakes) so I thought it would be a good opportu...

BMX – Repaint and rework

I gave my BMX a respray, fitted some new tyres, cut off the brake bosses and modded my axles so that I now have allen key bolts for wheelnuts (like a profile mini).

ETS Drift Ute – A busy Saturday review

In the middle of a cold victorian winter the forecast was clear for saturday, i spent the entire week working for this day and i had my fingers crossed it was to be clear enough to spend the morning o...

The finest place to have a beer in AKL

While trying to find a park that wasnt $25 in Auckland i stumbled across Deus Shed 5, what an amazing place. I could have spent the entire afternoon in here.

BMX Forever

Just finished building up my girlfriends BMX, hers in white and his in black. BMX has been a life long love of mine.