BMX – Raw Trial


I have had two BMX bikes for a while now, I didn’t like the colour combo on the “Mankind” frame which I use most often (because it has brakes) so I thought it would be a good opportunity to trial the clear powdercoat.


So before I went to QLD for a week I quickly stripped it of all paint, roughed it up with some sandpaper and reheated the welds to get the look I was after.


I dropped it down to Daniel and the team at Colour Tech Moolap Geelong and they coated it in clear while I was away.


Im in love with the finished product and so happy that its going to be exactly what the Hilux chassis will look like.


Dave and Simon at Marshall’s Cycles Geelong relaced the Profile hubs to an Alienation Deviant front rim and the exsisting Midway Odyssey rim got laced to the rear Profile hub.


While I was in the Gold Coast I headed to Vale BMX at the GC Compound and grabbed a Fly seat, these are cool because they have an alloy insert that i was able to tap an M6 screw into fasten the seat as I cut a heap of things off this frame.


If I get some time tomorrow night I should have it all complete, so happy with how its coming along.

  1. damnit! you build a bmx as clean as you build an impossible drift machine. kudos!

  2. Nigel ‘Build Anything’ Petrie!


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