Dust Hustle 13

Dust Hustle number 13, what a time! 

For those that night not be familiar with Dust Hustle events let me give you a quick explanation while we scroll through some images. 

It’s kinda hard to explain, it’s one of those things you need to experience to truly understand, Dust Hustle at its core is about motorcycles and although it’s held at a racetrack it’s hardly about racing. 

The energy here is different, a race meeting is full of nerves and anticipation and although most of the riders who come here want to be the fastest versions of themselves, the focus isn’t on lap times or results.

Before things get underway the riders gather for a briefing, good friend Hughan lights up the mic with a perfect mix of stand up comedy infused with official rules and regulations to set the scene for the day. 

Looking through the sea of familiar faces there are multiple standouts, professional American Flat Track superstar Max Whale is back home on Aussie soil and brought a few KTMs along, X Games Gold Medalist Corey Creed is here a man that excels in going high and getting sideways.

Theres also professional artists and sportspersons from other disciplines just here to have a good time and it’s that attitude that makes DustHustle one of the most sought after events around. 

With briefing complete we all fired up our contraptions and let all hell break loose. I loved being out there more than I anticipated, after one lap I was confident that the big BMW wasn’t going to buck me off and break my limbs and from that point on I just had an absolute blast.

If you’re into good times and motorcycles and you haven’t ridden a Dust Hustle event, I think it needs to be etched into that bucket list of yours.

Huge thanks to all the crew who make it possible, Nelson for these images, BMW for the wild ride and all the amazing people I got to spend time with while off the bike. 

  1. That BMW R18 exhaust is the closest thing to the concept that I have seen. Many R18 owners are looking for that look, and no one is producing it.
    Any plans to make more and sell them?

    • Hi Charley, sure thing I have all this stuff ready to go if potential customers want this look.


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