Horizontal Tube Bender


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This product is a downloadable set of files used to laser or plasma cut the parts ready for assembly, you will be prompted to download these during checkout, this is not a physical product

Accurately bending tubes isn’t as easy as it may seem, you need to use the right tools to get the right results. Here at ETS I have bent a lot of tubes for many different bike and car projects and we know a thing or two about what works best. That’s why we have developed this new manually operated horizontal bender design to fit the majority of horizontal dies on the market using our slotted drive pin arm. This has all been expertly CAD drawn, FEA tested and used on many projects to great effect. 

Your purchase will include the DXF files to download which will then need to be sent to your local laser or plasma cutter shop (or you can plasma cut this out yourself) out of 12mm thick mild steel plate, just cut your upright 50mm x 50mm x 3mm square tube to your required height and weld the base mount and base plate to suit. 

We supply you with a pin list and we have sized these to your off the shelf solid bar diameters which can be easily cut or ordered from your local steel supply store.

Manual operation will require the bender base plate to be bolted securely to the floor, flush mount concrete anchors are advised, these are fantastic for mounting your tube bender where you have the most room whilst allowing you to pack it away when not in use. 

Hydraulic ram operation is available but this will need to be purchased separately and most 17 inch stroke cylinders will do a great job.

Designed to bend up to 2.5 inch diameter tube by using Pro-Tools MB 105 and Speedwerx Horizontal die sets.

By adding the additional angle gauge and bevel box parts specifically designed to work with this bender, you will have complete control over your bends specific rotation and angle, allowing you to bend accurately every time. 

Remember this is a digital download you are purchasing, for assembly make sure you visit our Horizontal Tube Bender Project video for a complete step by step guide to putting it together.

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