Life behind bars

So last weekend I got to take the Alta out on its first proper ride.

In my last post I explained the benefits of this motorcycle and the excitement I had for EV technology.

It fills the space between push bikes and motorcycles for me.

I was excited to get out into my favorite riding spots and see what it was capable of delivering.

I cannot even begin to explain how impressed I was with it. To be able to leave suburbia silently without the scornful looks of pedestrians to then opening up the throttle and navigating some extreme terrain effortlessly and with more control and performance than ever before was really something else.

My first few weeks on this bike has been a blast, aside from changing over the rear brake to be hand operated I feel there is nothing else I need to do. It is as simple as charging, washing and lubing the chain.

The exact same maintenance schedule as my downhill bike.

Stay tuned, I will have some more workshop news in an upcoming post.

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