1986 Sportster – Complete

In the last post I detailed the new swing-arm I was building, with the swingarm all finished up it was time to give it a paint and get this thing finished!


With the wheels in and the chain on it was time to add the aesthetics and get it moving.


But to move you need to add some fuel to the 1200cc of fire!


So I selected a tank that I originally bought simply because I like the shape. If your into Vintage Flat Track bikes then the name Trackmaster might mean something to you, the early Trackmaster frames and tanks always looked the business, a Trackmaster tank though was going to set me back close to $1500, this one cost me $40, It had the shape but just wouldnt fit.


So I cut the tank and kept only the outer shell.


Adding a new sheetmetal tunnel and mounting point.

Photo 18-03-2016, 1 50 36 PM

After that I made a foam seat plug and covered it in Fibreglass, a quick and easy solution to get some shape and comfort, then hit the road to give the bike a shake down.


After repairing a few pin holes in the tank (drain the fuel, flush with Wax and Grease Remover, then leave cap off for welding) I added some rattle can satin black.


Oh remeber that trailer I built, still works a treat!


The seat took a lot of sanding, one major downside to making fibreglass setups like this.


But it looks great from a distance and cost me very little.


The CBR1100 front end is just perfection.


Helped along by the headlight arrangement I made.


I took the bike out to RidePark for some photos.


Its at home on the oval.


The new wheelbase is compact.


Along with its minimal design, it doesn’t feel like the bike it once was.

_D3_1428 copy

On the road its a blast to ride.

_D3_1361 copy

Sometimes difficult to restrain.

_D3_2004 copy

But it handles like a dream.

_D3_2337 copy

And I enjoy every moment.

_D3_2137 copy

That’s a wrap, I love this bike and plan to use it whenever I get the chance, I would love to do more flat track stuff on it too, just need a track now!

Thanks Dean Walters for the rolling shots, sorry about the carbon monoxide poisoning…….

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