ETS Drift Ute – New Guards

In beginning I held off exposing the whole tyre on the front of the Hilux, I guess I got so addicted to that tuck that I didn’t think a guard like this would suit it.


The Hilux has such a different style of front guard than most passenger cars do, its designed to be about 200mm away from the tyre so when I took about 300mm out of the normal Hilux ride height I had to radius the stock style guards.


These are the OG 2wd guards from the shell I bought 3 years ago. They will be the base for a new mould to produce these guards, this style of flare gives really good clearance on lock.


The way the guard flows with the tyre also eliminates the catching that the tyre did on the other guards.


Now I need to get some small rod, run it round the perimeter of the guard edge, smooth it all out with filler and start building the mould. I have 20 days till NZ, I hope I can get it done in time. If not I still have a new set of painted old style wide guards ready to go on.