ETS Drift Ute – Loading Up

Yesterday I had a 12 hour garage day, I didn’t stop and I think I achieved what I set out to, this was a couple of hours work.


My plan was to make a simple 6 wheel and tyre rack and a BMX mount so I can easily get everything over to NZ without having to pack and unpack the container.


I made it out of 1″ steel tube, I have a heap of this stuff left over from the frame of the trailer awning that I set up for WTAC and Geelong Revival.


I found another pair of Driftmasters in Japan, this time 18×9.5+10, this compliments my current rear setup of 18×9.5+0 and 18×9.5+15, having 6 rear wheels means I can get through a whole day without having to change tyres and without having the ute compromise looks and fitment!

Now all I have to do is make some tie down points and get a bag that will hold all my tools.

  1. Ute looks rad with stuff in the back bro!

  2. I dig it! Which bender do you use btw

  3. The BMX looks maaad !

  4. If only you could register it for the road, who needs a trailer when you have this setup

  5. You’re an inspiration Nigel. I’m super proud you undertook this whole ute project and grew through the process. You’re awesome man.

  6. Top work Nigel, you might find these tool bags useful

  7. Where does the front wheel off the BMX go?


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