180SX – Post WTAC Clean-up

While I’m waiting on parts for the Hilux I turned my attention to the two other cars in my life.


The 180SX was faultless at WTAC, I don’t think I actually wrote anything about driving this car other than how bad it felt compared to the ute, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have a great time driving it.


It such a well balanced and fun car to drive, all the bugs have been ironed out and the last 3 years I have only replaced what breaks on it. Its been the reason I can still be a driver and a builder.


I give it the attention it needs with a big wash after every event, its a good chance to go over the car and make a mental to do list before the next time out. Over the christmas break I want to get a panel beater to set the car up on a pulling table and pull the rear end straight, its taken a few hits and subsequently the fuel tank is pressed into the cradle. After thats pulled out I want to go back to 30mm over fenders but that will require the area around the headlights to be prettied up a little. Ill see how the budgets looking and maybe get that stuff done over the break.


I swapped back to the TE37s for something a little different. I love these wheels so much, should I keep them on or go back to the Bee R’s?

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  1. defs keep the te37s on. the gold on red looks so mint.

  2. Flaunt the te37’s, at least for a while, this current look can’t be beaten. Well done buddy.

  3. Garage, carport, and massive shed. Winning.

  4. Hey Nigel. Any chance you can post up a layout of your shed? And show more of it? Dimensions lighting benches etc. It impresses me and I want some ideas for when I build my own!

  5. Keep TE’s, sell me the Bee R’s.. They will be taken care of. I promise.

  6. My favourite 180 in the world, purely off of dedication, looks so good aswell.

    Keep the TE37’s, suit the car to the ground.


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