ETS Drift Ute – Trial Fit

A few exciting things have happened since WTAC, one is obviosly this gearbox upgrade and the other I will get too after I show you whats been happening in the garage.


My shifter arrived from the UK and I now had the chance to sit everything in the chassis and see how it all fits.


A mind numbing amount of mathematics went into getting all this right. From the bellhousing length, input shaft length, new clutch plates and hydraulic release bearing needing to be millimeter perfect I made sure everything was kept as short as possible to keep the shifter away from the chassis. The result is perfect, the comfort levels will be at an all time high and only having the extremely tight forward and back motion of the sequential shift gives me a lot more hand brake room.


So tonight I will pull the motor out of the chassis again, pull everything apart and start the final assembly with the goal to have it all running by tomorrow night.

So whats the other exciting thing? My friend Matt has cut together a teaser clip from WTAC, I had not seen any footage from the event and it was great to get a little taste of what Matt is putting together. Matts decided to hold back on releasing the footage just yet as he has been following the rebuild of the car with the new gearbox and we will continue to film the testing process and get some really nice footage from the ute in action. Believe me when I say this little documentary will be amazing!

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  1. You and this ute never fail to amaze me nigel. I’ve followed the build from the beginning and the awesome ness doesn’t wear off! Great work dude


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