PWR Shop Visit


You may have read the last post about getting a custom radiator, intercooler, oil cooler built from the industry leaders PWR. Well as luck would have it Ryan Hagedorn invited me to take a closer look and show ETS readers a little more about how the process happens.


As car enthusiasts we have all looked in engine bays from all types of motorsport, I cant recollect any other symbol thats more synonymous with performance than PWR.


From grass roots rally and drift all the way to the very pinnacle of motorsport F1, NASCAR, V8 Supercars and World Rally Championship PWR have excelled in the ever changing world of motorsport cooling solutions.


I have an eye for detail and no one does it better than PWR.


So how do they get these results that set this once little Aussie company onto the world motorsport stage?


Well in this post I will take you for a walk through the doors and into the workshop.


It begins with a storage rack full of different alloy core construction materials.


All specifically designed by PWR to give the best flow and cooling properties for their application.


They keep everything from start to finish on the shop floor so as soon as an order comes in work can commence on your cooler right away.


Everything is punched and pressed in house aswell.


PWR can produce a core to your exact dimensions.


Each different thickness requires different material spools.


CNC punch and die sets make a neater solution to laser or water jet cutting.


This CNC press brake folds the alloy at exact angles to give repeatable high quality results.


Stainless bands hold the cores together while they pass through the treating process.


They go through a series of high temperature procedures to bond everything together.


Water to air intercooler cores are also produced in this same area, its interesting to see inside one of these.


Not to mention the OEM style oil cooler cores.


Each single core is tested and once given the ok its onto the fabrication and welding shop to add end tanks.


It was here that I ran into Kees Wheel, the father of Paul Wheel (the PW in PWR) funnily enough Kees grew up just down the road from me (obviously in different generations) and is a massive inspiration to me. The success hasn’t been handed to Kees or Paul its been through great persistence and hard work.


There are individual TIG rooms for the guys to weld up the radiators and intercoolers, theres no robots here, just very professional and skilled tradesman.


Its not all about cores though.


Weld on fittings for just about every configuration.


PWR also do OEM Porsche radiators and they are of amazing quality.


Welded up in a JIG


And even transported in a PWR designed and built steel pallet.


Its all about turning those raw materials into the finished product under one roof, you know that saying “if you want something done right you do it yourself” ok!


I am already a little blown away from all this when Ryan says “up here is the wind tunnel”

Its an amazing area and meant that PWR could continue to improve and perfect the cooling characteristics of their product.


There was a whole stack of fancy bits I cant show you up here. From Nascar to WRC to F1 these guys are working hard at getting that unfair advantage.


The storeroom was impressive.


Overall it was an amazing visit and one that inspired me, it gave me a real understanding on how a team of Australians can band together and show the world that we can be better than everyone else using hard work, brains and some initiative.

Id like to thank Ryan, Kees, Paul and the crew at PWR for the visit.

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