New Products – Cam and Crank Sensor for SR20


I am excited to now offer the products I developed for the Hilux to SR20 owners all over the world.


Now available as a full kit the 100% complete bolt on and wire up cam and crank sensors offer tuners a reliable problem free high speed engine RPM resolution timing solution.


They both use identical GT101 Hall effect sensors reading of steel trigger wheels.


The crank trigger kit, cam sync kit and trigger wheel are all sold seperatly and work best with the ATI balancer for SR20


Never before has there been an off the shelf cam and crank trigger solution so get your orders in before these sell out.


To make these products and others yours head to the shop

  1. Gday mate do you have any s13 sr20det trigger kits available yet

    • Hi Peter, I currently don’t have full kits but if you want to complete a little DIY I have the crank trigger mounts and cam wheels available. Thanks


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