PS13 – Ready to roll


Ok i have a confession to make, i have been cheating on my Hilux by spending some time on other cars even when i promised i wouldn’t. Yesterday i put the PS13 back on the hoist and quickly cut off the crappy “adjustable” steering rack mount that was way over engineered. Sometimes i look back on the stuff i do and go “what was i thinking” sometimes people get too excited over making things adjustable that they forget the reality of actually not needing it adjustable at all.


It still can be adjusted in the Z axis but i just mounted it as high and as far forward as i could get it, this gives the tie rod angle a nearly exact match to the Lower Control Arm angle which is near perfect in terms of bump steer. Dont be fooled that your tie rods need to be straight, they dont they need to be on a similar angle as your Lower Control Arm, im no expert on this stuff but thats what i am led to believe.


I also mounted the swaybar with some rose joint links off my custom chromoly Lower Control Arms and now the underside is basically complete. The knuckle i built for this car is a low ackerman yet long ratio for better leverage with the manual rack. Im keen to test them and then be able to produce a Manual Rack Knuckle.

So whats next for this car? Well i really want to redo a few things, because its shifting from less of a drift car to more of a time attack/ street car i want to redo the cage in lightweight Chromoly, remake the drivers footwell and reposition the Tilton floor mount pedal box, shift the seats a little further back, reinforce and lengthen the steering column then pull as much weight out of it as i possibly can, ill go into the motor details in another post but im looking to push the limits with an NA S13 style SR20DE.


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