ETS Drift Ute – Hot pipe


Yesterday i spent most of the day in the shed, it was good because i had a chance to go over a few things that i didnt think would work. This intercooler hot pipe for example. A lot of people have expressed concern about the lack of flex, heres the facts off their website

• Up to 8° of angular misalignment and up to 1/4” of axial travel, therefore serving as vibration isolators.
• Available for a rigid tube size range from 1/2” to 3” O.D.
• Maximum operating pressure 125psi, proof pressure 250psi, burst pressure 375psi.
• Maximum working temperature 450°F (depending on O-ring seal compound).


The reason the old one wouldnt work was i underestimated the length of the AN16 90 degree fitting off the radiator, i needed to make a pipe that swept up out of the turbo at a larger angle. I cut all of my thin pipe with an angle grinder and then linish flat, i get some electrical tape and run it around the pipe to mark the line i need to cut, i prefer to do it this way as the drop saw sometimes wants to crush the pipe and grab and spin it around in the vice, as soon as that happens then i throw it in the bin.


Its a little more time consuming doing it this way but you get a really nice sharp edge when linishing flat, before i tack them together i run around the inside with a deburring tool to take the internal sharp edge off. I dont debur the out side edge as you need two sharp surfaces to fusion weld the two together (no filler wire needed in the TIG welding process) once i tack them up i give the pipe a good clean with hot water and hand wash inside and out then its time to weld it up.


  1. Looks cool as Nigel. Still a little concerned about the solid pipe, my main worry is in case of a hit in the front, i know ya don’t wanna think about that but, shit happens and if happens with this setup i’d hate to imagine the repair bill and time in the pits trying to fix it between battles. At least with full flex lots of important stuff isn’t going to break if something sad happens.

  2. Do you purge weld your stainless? Would be a good idea if you want smooth welds with no sugaring either side of the pipe


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