Hilux – Reworks and Exhaust


I hit a snag, i wanted my exhaust dead straight so that i could undo the mount in the cabin and slide it straight out, i couldnt do this with the X in the diffuser bracing, so i cut it out and then added some strength with tube.


The exhaust is dead straight for over 3 meters.


I bought two J legged 90 degree bends and made the collector, its a pretty simple process and one ill have to do on the 180SX again on Sunday.


The alloy tips are 80mm x 1.6mm wall and are the perfect size to press over the stainless, im not 100% sure what lengths i want them so this will be handy.

  1. Nigel, what size master cylinder will you be using for your hydro handbrake? Great work as usual.

  2. Hi Nigel… when you tig weld the stainless exhaust tubes do you also pump argon gas inside them?


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