PS13 – SR20 NA Tech

exhaust render

After sitting down with the guys from Tomei in Japan i was delighted to be able to pick their brains and extract decades of experimental exhaust know how. The SR20 is very well known for being a strong motor when turbo charged but I have been intrigued to learn about NA performance.

exhaust 2

It wasnt until i met Martyn from VE that these critical dimensions could be formulated into something solid, he took the runner lengths, internal diameter, bend radius and drew up what we will remake into a 304 stainless header system.


To add to this the quad throttle system that i had on the car will be ditched for something much more suitable and custom made. Why? because after my trip to Japan the knowledge i received from the people who race these cars deemed my throttle system to be the wrong choice.


Again with that knowledge i leaned on Martyn from VE to come up with a simple yet perfect solution to my issue, you will be seeing a lot more of this progress in the coming weeks.

To add to this i have been in talks with a local company who are in the process of setting up and engine dyno to suit an SR20, what does that mean? Well it gives me a place to test these products on a motor with ought strapping the car to a dyno, im in the process of learning about tuning from the professionals as you can too from HP Academy

To take things a step further everything that will be bolted to the motor will be availiable for you aswell, from low mount power steer and alternator brackets CNC milled from billet alloy to coolant re circulation solutions and even extending to electrical components, the ultimate NA or Turbo SR20 can be obtained with very little fuss in the coming months.


All of this means that my beloved PS13 will be reborn into the car i always dreamed of having.

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  1. Nigel, what size master cylinder will you be using for your hydro handbrake?


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