180SX – Back in Red


Its been a while since I have posted about this car, heres a quick update!


What makes a reliable drift car you ask? Thats simple…. your looking at it. This car has done countless track days over the past three seasons and remained fairly untouched, no untouched isnt really the word i should use, unchanged may be a better analogy, i made a promise to myself when i picked up the chassis 4 years ago that this car would be my “drifting tool” build it as a capable, replaceable, and reliable car that is always ready to go drifting.


It has been exactly that, i mean have a think about it…. the car still uses the same bottom end that it rolled off the production line with! If it aint broke dont go spending money replacing it! I use this car as a tool to progress my driving, it always feels predictable, has just enough power to get the job done and does it in style.


Sure theres a heap of things i have learnt to dislike about it but at the end of the day your driving car needs to be replacable and im weirdly looking forward to the day i get to build a new shell for it.


So for 2013 im giving it a little refresher, going back to the Type X kit, changing the wheels to Bee Racing B5 stagger, removed the tint, removed all the stickers, refreshed the suspension with a few tweaks for more lock and better rear grip.


Ill do another post in a couple of weeks showing you the final outcome, i have some parts getting sprayed as we speak and working on a few other neat touches to finish it all off.


I think this year my love for this car will be at its highest! Bring on the fun times…

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  1. perfection…


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