Trailer Update – Out of the oven!


Last friday i got a call from my local powdercoater saying my trailer is ready to pick up, i was so happy as i had been fighting against rust for most of its short life.


When i arrived it rolled out of the oven, i spent a few hours putting it back together and i was so happy with the results. Colour Tech in Moolap did an amazing job at a price i couldnt argue about, they sandblasted, primed, hand rubbed it back and then powdercoated it a nice gunmetal grey with a distinct fleck through it.


Powdercoating is like a thick plastic film and its applied by spraying powder on all surfaces then baked at around 300 degrees Celcius, this meant i had to remove all my wiring, brake lines and air lines.


I have so far got the air lines all back in and sealed up, tailight wiring all back in, front winch setup, jockey wheel and scaffold planks all fitted in.
Tonight i will have it 90% complete and im so happy that its basically done.