ETS Drift Ute – Running start at 2013


So i hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years, i know i did and im really glad i spent a couple of weeks away from the garage.


I think i came back with a much clearer mind set about what i wanted to achieve this year, i sat down and planned everything out so i could order the parts i need to get a running start at 2013.


Im still waiting on a stack of fittings to come from the US, a lot of stuff was specially made for me by Earls, being the “hard to please” person i am i don’t want any red anodising on my fittings, so once they arrive ill be able to plumb the entire car. Im using a Nylon braid hose called Pro-Lite 350 its black and non abrasive compared to stainless braid.


I also ordered a heap of stainless tube so i could do the intercooler pipes, exhaust and wastegate dump. Why do the IC hoses out of stainless? I just find its a lot nicer to get good welds and they will take a lot more abuse as they will be removed and refitted a lot.


When i welded the wastegate flange to the manifold i had planned to run the wastegate dump out through the inner guard, not really liking this idea i rotated the wastegate and made up a 304 stainless screamer pipe.


Its just tacked up at this stage but im pretty happy with it, ive also finalised the exhaust to the back of the cab, its all tacked up and when im feeling up for a full night of TIGing ill weld it all up.


The screamer pipe exiting flush with the floor, ill be cutting this shape out of the undertray for a neat finish.


Im planning on making a sheet catch can behind the strut tower in that little compartment, the fitting will come out the top and the can will have an internal baffle and external drain plug.


The Racepak Smartwire switchpanel is now up on the roof and out of the way, its easy to reach and will be super neat once the guys from STM in New Zealand weave their magic with the wiring.


Its a good feeling to be ticking the jobs off as quick as i am, i hope the rest of the build continues like this, it will be on track in no time!

  1. Wish you great success this year.

  2. As an aspiring fabricator, you truly are inspiring. I love looking at your work, top notch stuff!

  3. good to see you back… cant wait to read more, always an inspiring read…

  4. Love that last shot, so tuff!


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