PS13 – Tubular Suspension


The rose joints and ball joints for the PS13 arrived at my doorstep the other day, so i set about making the arms that will get this rolling again.


The rose joints are 3/4 inch (19mm 3/4 UNF 19) QA1 Alloy ends, they are the same as the ones i run on the front of the hilux and the arms are essentially the same aswell.


With the crossmember all done, i finished off making the caster arm support brackets, i also retained the factory swaybar and welded nuts up inside the chassis rails instead of the stud Nissan run from factory.


With that sorted i started work on the steering rack mount, this only tacked on at this stage and the steering rack is as far forward and as high as it can possibly go, its perfectly level with the LCA center hole, the tie rod end is also perfectly central to the LCA ball joint, two critical measurements when it comes to reducing bump steer. Everything is adjustable so its easy to do changes on the fly.


To support the rack from side to side i used the factory chassis hole and welded some nuts up on the chassis to make some side supports which should work well.


Im happy with how everything turned out, so whats happening with this car? Well i will get to work doing some rework to the chassis (rollcage and engine bay) it will be CAMS logbooked, resprayed factory colour with a clean up of the rear quarters, then a new SR20DE thats been built and engine dynoed will go in then classic registration in 2014, my goal is to drive the car to Phillip Island, complete a track day and drive home again.

  1. awesome work nige really love the detail you give in the parts you use. very thorough mate keep it up

  2. Can I ask why the caster bars are so short? I would think that longer would be better as it would result in less caster change during the arc of travel

  3. Hey Nigel

    Would just like to know who you got the steering rack through as im looking for an after market option when making my custom cross member with similar improvements to yours (further forward with improved tie rod angles, improved room for exhaust)

    cheers, Wez


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