Japan – That Oddysey

After leaving Fuji Speedway we set the Navi for Kyoto and got ready to pay over $100aud in tolls

Nek minute this Oddysey pops out of nowhere and it took some pretty gnarly lane changes to get a better look.

I know the style dosnt suit a lot of people but my god it had some serious presence on the road.

I had actually seen pictures of it not that long before leaving for Japan but seeing it in the wild was something special.

I actually took a wrong turn and thought id lost it, about half an hour later i pulled into a PA, filled up with fuel and parked, sure enough over the other side of the carpark it sat.

All the stickers pointed to it being a “southern” Japan car, Most of the suspension was 326power and yes its static!

After politely asking the owner for a few photes we had a chat and he informed me he was on his way back to Hiroshima, thats a fair drive in a fairly wild car, you start to understand why Japan is AMAZING, those highways really are that good!

As he climbed in i was still starstruck, what a crazy masterpiece.

I waved goodbye to his inner sidewalls as he drove off into the sunset and we went in and sat down to a good feed of PA Ramen, it makes our Maccas stops in Aus seem a whole lot less exciting thats for sure.

  1. Sugoi…

  2. Just because you can does not mean you should

  3. I love this.


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