ETS Drift Hilux – The rollercoaster

IMG_1133Undertaking a build like this is a rollercoaster, you can work for months on little jobs, get them done and then sit back and think where do i go from here, its not until you install the next piece of the puzzle that all the other pieces seem visable, for me it was picking up the motor and fitting it in the chassis.

IMG_1134With the addition of an engine it gave me so much more to do. Take the power steering pump for example, now i can start to layout everything and get the plumbing sorted.

IMG_1135With the pump low in the chassis it makes plumbing it a breeze. I made a AN8 inlet and an AN6 pressure outlet, along with a billet alloy mount that is in the early stages of mounting.

IMG_1138At this stage i will probably spend a month doing all the little plumbing tasks before i start searching for that next big step and the following wave of jobs to be done.


  1. Love your work, mate!

  2. I know you mentioned in a previous post and I searched but couldn’t find it. But what is the brand name of those purple pipe clamps clamps you are using?

    • Wiggins clamps

    • pegasus clamps are what theyr’re called mate…

  3. I don’t think they are wiggins. That’s why I am asking. I remember him saying these are a very good and much cheaper alternative to wiggins clamps.


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