Japan – History Garage Odaiba

Odaiba is a large man made island in Tokyo Bay, last time i was in Japan we literally stumbled apon the basement which houses History Garage, its full of racing history mostly Toyota and is a must see if your in Tokyo.

If the shopping center dosnt blow your mind then the history garage will, you could spend hours apon hours down here.

All the cars are in showroom condition and i just loved this early Mazda Cosmo to death

Its not all Japanese with different rows for different countries.

But its the Japanese cars im here to see.

The original KPGC10 GT-R has so much racing history it is truely the king of japanese classics

Everywhere you turn you are blown away with the effort thats gone into this place

In the Grease Garage theres thousands of models and magazines to purchase

If your into your hobbies then Japan is the king of scale sized cars, theres an amazing range on offer

Cabinets of scale models

Its not all Japanese, maybe a RWB version could find its way down here one day.

Not your typical shopping mall basement is it

Old F1 and Indy parts are scattered everywhere, i paid close attention to the headers as im getting ideas for my own ones on the S13

Some of the most famous race cars still live on, well in parts

Its pretty amazing that you can be standing with such engines

I needed a good 15 minutes in this position to take in everything

Simply amazing

Theres a cafe with a window out into the garage where old F1 engineers and Toyota race crew spend their days restoring old cars, now thats a cool way to spend your older years.

Oh and more engines scattered around the showroom

Theres something for everyone

Even an AE86, it wouldnt be a Toyota Motorsport showroom without an AE86 would it.

  1. Hey bud photos look great! Lovin the progress on the blog too. Just to let you know I’ve got a set of cusco power ball headers for an sr20de if your interested?

  2. 3k-r!!


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