S13 SR20DE -T Project has a heart

Massive thanks to JDM Garage in Brisbane for sending me 1.5 SR20s to kick off the SR20DE build for the two tone S13, first step was to strip the motor of everything i dont need and then give it a clean.

Once i had it all stripped i blanked off all the things i didnt want water in then grabbed 5 cans of degreaser and some alloy cleaner.

After 3 cans of degreaser and a good pressure wash i sprayed on the Alloy cleaner

This product works wonders on engine blocks, heads and gearboxs and is the reason all my alloy looks bright and new.

Half an hour later the engines back in the shed looking like new, this motor is a dead stock SR20DE, i plan on getting the car running first with a stock motor and then before any real tuning is done i will be fitting a new high comp motor with a few special tweaks including cams etc.

First i have to build the tube front subframe and then the motor will bolt in the car, i have all the bits to start building the 304 stainless headers but ill go into more detail on that when i get there.

  1. tubular front subframe… just for shits and gigs?

  2. It looks awesome, but I would build the long block before putting it in. It’s just less headache and less time consuming.
    Either way, I’m glad to see updates again!

  3. This build screams happy gas!

  4. Whats the gold plate with AN- fittings in the last pic for??

    Any reason you’re not using an SR20VE head??


    • Im not using a VE head because then things would get expensive, im trying to do this on little to no expense, i basically have everything needed to finish the build.

  5. Ahh degreaser from Supercheap auto, best shit, bought like 50 cans when they were on special 😀

  6. Reading the Ali Brite msds (was looking to find a similar product in canada) it looks to be a really strong/dangerous acid !

    How do you use it ?

    Thanks !

    • I just spray it on with spray bottle and then pressure wash it off.


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