Tyre Tech – The Federal 595-SS

When i cant run the Federal 595 RS-R Tyre on my car i use the Federal 595 SS, such an amazing tyre for drifting and i am proud to announce that its back, Federal have a strong relationship with drifting and have listened to the drivers. Early this year a few manufacturing changes had been made to the tyre which made it less competitive under the stresses of high HP drift cars, these changes have been reversed and the tyre is now back in the game. By far the best tyre in drifting and availiable in a size that suits everyone. If you need to grab a set and your in Australia then Wheeltech can provide you with a set.

  1. No more delamination?

  2. I have the 959 RSR’s on me ute for steer’s, best thing I’ve done to it.

  3. Thats good news Nigel. Hope you use many more of them.


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