Quick Snap

With the tunnel now all completed im starting to plan to refit everything in preperation for the next stage of the build, the small details! Once the engine is back it will be full steam ahead, everything will be fitted (minus bodywork) then all plumbing, brakes and electrical components will be fitted. Stay tuned!

  1. we need to see this thing sliding around without the body on

    that would be wicked

  2. Awesome progress Nigel!
    Have you thought yet about brakes?

  3. love this effing ute !! i seen it at WTA too i jizzed my pants a lil
    the bike in the background of this pic is sex !! what kind of bike is it??

  4. That garage storage setup is killer, you make all that stuff yourself too? Especially like the storage/work-bench for the bike

    • Sure did make everything, it is a great setup and all on wheels so i can shift when i need to.


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