Parts explosion!

The garage floor is covered at the moment, i pulled the S13s motor down to a bare long motor and have all these parts kicking around, time to make some more storage room, or i have an S15 that could benefit from all this! Not this year.

  1. God damn. How much time do you spend cleaning? Everything in your shed is so well organized and spotless. I really like how you have setup your workshop. Any chance of some snaps of just the garage? Welding bay, work bench ect.

    • Thanks mate, just 20 minutes every week keeps it clean

  2. Hey Nigel I love your AN line set up. Well and all yoyr builds for that matter. Any more info on the AN lines coming from the valve cover? I read they’re dash 10. Did you just weld bungs on the valve cover? What about the one going from the valve cover to the back of the block? Also the two top ones are they going to a oil catch can? Looking to somewhat take your idea and use it on my sr. Thanks for any info.


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