ETS Drift Ute – Rear Fender Work

Its a slow process but Iam getting there, ill start work on the other side tonight and hopefully in a months time we might have a mould to work with. It will be a massive relief to have these completed and ready to go, theres a lot of work that cant be done until the fenders are hanging on the chassis.

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  1. hey i feel your pain bud. i made a new front bumper for my car and it took 3 months to complete. but the so far its looking sick as always. keep it up.

  2. You are still miles ahead bruh. Keep the spirit, you doing well.

  3. I know what you mean hey.

    I’m currently building some CF splitters (I have access to alot of casting & moulding stuff through one of my distributors) – and the worst process is always “the bogging & sanding” one.. 😛

  4. can you just like cut it out and reverse it in stead of doing a whole new one? and then just weld it back up when your done?

  5. Looking good dude… Getting to the exciting stage of the build…. Almost at the top of the hill….

  6. The shaping is the best bit because you can make it your own but you should invest in a cheap English wheel to form panels never the less it looks awsome what you’ve done with bog


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