180SX – New Tunnel Fab

I have started work on the new transmission tunnel for the 180SX, once this top section is tacked in i will use clear plastic to build templates and fill in the gaps. Ill then weld it all up, refit a battery behind the dash and refit my handbrake and kill switch. If i have time ill extend my rollcage and do some front hoops.

  1. Hey mate it’s Adam the easy way to mate one is just use 1 3/4 tube cut in quarters and use the for the roll on the floor and the top and them just sheet it in

  2. The easiest way I’ve found to get tricky boxes out, is to loosen the engine mount bolts, and seperate the exhaust at the cat. Then you can use the exhaust as a lever to tilt the engine.

    Worst gearbox I’ve ever done was on a Petrol 80 series Land Cruiser. That would have to be one where a tunnel/firewall hack would be the best option.


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