ETS Drift Ute – Caster rod mechanics

This time last week the ute was sliding of the jig and into a rolling state, the one thing missing was caster arms to position the wheel where it needed to be, tonight after many hours in the shed we have caster arms and a front end that is finalised, read on for more photos.


Starting off with some solid alloy S13 caster rods i reshaped them to allow them to suit my chassis and allow the monster lock i wanted from this chassis, it cirtainly has a lot of that!

Ever since i saw this model hilux i fell in love with the body lines, the front guards look so nice and the way they fit is perfect, now to nut out how to have a heap of “tuck” and still allow the massive lock i have engineered into the chassis.

The combo of my modded knuckles and scolloped S15 LCA create more than enough lock, the whole idea behind wanting to do a tube frame was allowing what you could never do in an S chassis , raise all the suspension to where it should be and lower the body!

The bar that runs between the caster rod mounts has bosses tapped M12 and is removable when the caster rod bolts are removed, the bar will be a jacking point as the chassis is so low its hard to get at.

The weathers looking good so i might roll the hilux out of the shed again.

  1. Seriously,

    This build should be picked up by CH31 it really deserves some air time. and you deserve all the credit & praise that would come with it.

    Instead of watching all that American crap, Monster garage etc,

    One of the Tv stations should look into doing a Oz series. Mate this build has me waiting for the next post like a ten year old nerd waiting for the next Harry Potter sequal.

    Here’s hoping you get every modified car magazine cover out there once Built

  2. Looking good mate!

  3. wow. amazingly detailed work as usual. keep it up! (duh, as if you wouldn’t otherwise)

  4. You a machine man, love your work your deffinetly setting the bar for the future.

  5. holy shit man, that lock. i cant comprehend how crazy this thing is going to drive

  6. ahh! you got mad lock man, this is going to be a beast!! you got some skills!

  7. i love reading the your progress on this ute, it’s unique and different. I can’t wait to see the end product!

  8. I envy you. Full stop.

    But seriously, can’t wait to see this finished. Quality is amazing and so is the speed at which you build it, which is accented by the fact that this is not your day job.

    Good luck and I wish you all the best.

  9. wow wow wow fkn wow 😀


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