ETS Drift Ute – Suspension heights

Im still in the process of jigging everything up but i thought i would share these two pics. Everything on an S15 is spot on right? But once you lower them drastically things just get worse. That was a huge motorvator for this project, to get the suspension up in its working range and get everything else down scraping the tarmac.

I sat the front end together using some spare struts i had lying around. Believe it or not the bonnet still clears everything, the joys of a compact square hilux front end. As it sits there the centers of the hubs are 305mm off the ground, with an 18inch tyre that gives me a non compressed ride height of 75mm to the sills. Thats the thickness of the RHS its sitting on. Compressed height will be around 50mm off the ground and everything will be dead straight, the sump will be over 75mm off the ground. Im loving this.