ETS Drift Ute – A busy Sunday!!

The choice of driveline for the drift ute was a hard one, do i go V8 or do i stick with what i know and more to the point what i already have?

This is that Pewter S15 that followers may have seen in previose posts, i abondoned the idea of fixing it and making it a track car because the amount of track days we have just dont justify it.

First things first, i removed the rear cradle, ill be using the entire rear cradle out of this S15, its all factory so it reqires a 2 way and arms but everything is there to get the ute rolling.

Next on the list was the motor, this is also factory but will be modified once the frames built around it.

The tyre rack i made came in handy as an engine stand.

Slung it up with some tie downs and backed the trailor in.

In no time everything was out and ready to go home.

The trailor comes in so handy all the time!!

Heres tha chassis jig i made up to hold everything while it gets shifted around. 

The motor will sit a lot higher than it would in a normal S15. This was one major advantage with the hiluxs high bonnet and front end structure. At ride height the body will be 75mm off the ground, the xmember will be 125mm off the ground and the rear cradle will be 250mm off the ground. All of this makes for straight arms, straight driveshafts and a roll center somwhere in the vacinity of normal.

The cab will still come forward another 50mm after some more cutting.

The rear cradle still has to come up 150mm from where it is in this picture. It makes life easy when everything you need is pacakeged as neatly as nissan did the rear cradle.

The center bearing for the tailshaft is excatly in line with the rear wall of the cab, its going to be so easy to make all this work. Its so exciting to see an idea actually work so well in reall life!

The gearbox and tailshaft will all be inside the cabin, the floor will run underneath everything and there will be a removable cone shape cover that will go over the transmission.

Next stage is the full tube frame, that will be a lot of fun!!