Japan Day 2 – Part 3

We made it to Bee*R for a look and were greeted by the D1 car of Tokita, this one is a mock up, the real ones inside. Still looks good enough for a team photo.

As far as Japanese workshops go this one is HUGE!

There were two of these BeeR324 i belive this one competes in exhibition rounds and the other is the D1 car.

The mechanic was on smoko, he was asleep next to the hoist, the japanese can honestly sleep anywhere and for small amounts of time, they have the powernap down to a fine art.

The RC track in the showroom, even had a dragstrip with lights and everything.

They had trophys everywhere, the sign of a succesfull company.

Vending machine meals, i sampled most of these and they taste terrific.

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