Japan Day 2 – Part 2

We made it to Weld Racing workshop and were a little annoyed it was closed, theres was still plenty to see but it would have been nice to check it out.  Most workshops in Japan work weekends and nominate a day during the week to have off, guess we chose the wrong day for a Weld tour.

Work van with Work rims

Nice Mercedes on big Equip rims

Big Advan tires were spread everywhere around the boundry of the workshop, would love to use all these up on my 180

We left Weld and headed to Up Garage, theres always something to see and this classic car yard was a sight and a half. Some really nice cars for sale.

Schoolgirls skirts seem to be pretty short, im not complaining though

Neat black Merecedes was rolling along beside us, check out the wheel store in the background.

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