Japan Day 1

So here we go, a detailed snapshot of what we saw on our travels around heaven. Above is the cafe at Narita Airport, love the oldschool neons that are everywhere across Japan

After orginising our hire cars we left the airport around 9pm and went driving, no plans to arrive anywhere we were just excited to see japan. 2 minites out of the airport and we came across this car sitting in a yard, slammed accord wagon with massive wheels and brakes, we were so happy to be here.

Another 5 mintes driving and we came across a Lotus tuning garage, there were two FDs out the front looking hot on Regamasters.

The silver one looked the biz, low with a diffuser, carbon wing, regamasters and semi slicks.

A lot of workshops run well into the night in Japan, this one was still open at 10pm, the owner explained to us that he does a lot of CPU tuning and turbo conversions on all Lotuses. That exhaust ran into a huge noise reduction drum to keep the locals happy.

The yellow Lotus in the showroom was a work of art

Inside the rear diffuser i could see the power maker, a turbo charger and straight through exhaust, would love to hear this.

We trekked on and decided to have a peak at Mobara twin circuit as it wasnt far away

A Buddy Club P1 wheel is a perfect sign base


It was around 2am and we were looking for somewhere to stay, the girlfriends wouldnt approve of us staying here though. We pulled up on the side of a rice field and fell asleep in the hire cars.

  1. awesome man! love the P1 wheel post.
    makes me feel like buying a 14X12J rim and making it a table!

    • @ comodrifter: I think you should do it!!!
      @ Nigel: That’s the way to wake up to, big ass write up about japan!!! Love it!!! Makes my coffee way better.



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