Japan Day 2 – Part 1

Day 2 started off with morning breath condensation inside our hire cars, not the best way to spend a night but we were here for drift not comfort!!

We drove straight to Tokyo bay Super Autobacs, turns out they open at 11am and we had 2 hours to kill. Vending machines are EVERYWHERE and stock pretty much everything. Breakfast for me was a can of tomato soup, a coffee, some grapefruit juice and a lifeguard (more on that one later)

Cameras wernt allowed instore but they had EVERYTHING you could want, we made a return trip on the last day.

Next stop was the WELD workshop, it was such a nice Autumn Tokyo day heading back to the city.

Awesome vans and Japan go hand in hand, here in Australia we have a few but in Japan they are everywhere. The current Hiace shape looks awesome dropped on some black 6 spoke wheels.

Old and new, theres so many left hand drive “import” cars in Japan

Tomei? Yes the Tomei brand was named after the freeway its on, more on that later.

If you dont spot an R35 GTR in Japan then your doing it wrong, theres plenty around.

Fellow machinists will appreciate this machinery

Day 2 Part 2 will be up soon

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