180SX – Lubed up and ready to go

All finished with the reworks on the 180, tomorrow ill get it of the jackstands and give it a wash, I’m really glad i put the effort in to go over every little issue i had last year. Cant wait t...

180SX – Oil Tech

Sometimes we look at a car and take note of all the fancy parts it has to make it operate so well, often its the things you cant see that actually keep these parts alive in the rigors of drifting.

180SX – A view from above

How did my driving go at WTA? Well it didnt go to plan! Ended up bombing out on friday nights “B” group top 16 battles, still had a heap of fun and was a great chance to meet all the fello...

180SX – Preperation for WTA

With World Time Attack only 3 weeks away the preperation on the 180SX is full steam ahead, everything is checked and the fluids are changed, thanks to Motul for the best oil ever!

Rubbing’s Racing

In my top 4 battle against Leighton Fine i took things to another level and sandwiched my car against his coming into the hairpin, the touch slowed me down just enough to take me offline and loose the...

Drift Attack – The action in the morning

Heres some action shots from the morning, big thanks to Jarrod Moore for the photography.

Drift Attack – The new look

In the weeks leading up to Drift Attack things took a turn for the better, i had a few calls that led to deals and alliances being made with companies that would help me greatly for this meeting and h...

The final night of preperation!

Driftmasters and URAS work well together!

Drift Attack – This Saturday!

Big thanks to these guys for making this Drift Attack a lot easier on me, id also like to mention big L over at Wheeltech, Sam Cornell for the current tune, the SR has not missed a beat in over a year...

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