180SX – Oil Tech

Sometimes we look at a car and take note of all the fancy parts it has to make it operate so well, often its the things you cant see that actually keep these parts alive in the rigors of drifting.

I have been using Motul products ever since I learnt that quality oil is worth its weight in gold. My car has been so reliable and I put it down to the fact that my maintenance schedule heavily involves using quality oils. With Motul now helping me out I can afford to change oil more often and make sure the motor and driveline stand up to the abuse drifting can give it.

MOTUL has developed “Double Ester Technology” for the new 300V series Motorsport oil, I run a 10W40 viscosity in my 100,000km old SR20 motor, my internals are still factory Nissan items and and have been ever so reliable, is it because of the oil? Well it would have to help a great deal!

More factory Nissan items are coated by Motul Oils in the gearbox department. My 300ZX gearbox is adapted to the SR20 and I use Motul 75w140 Competition Gear Oil, its 100% synthetic extreme pressure lubricant for efficient anti wear protection, resistance to high temperatures and extended gearbox and differential life.

Out the back I run a regular R200 Differential with 4:11 gears and a Nismo GT 2 Way diff center, its lubricated by Motul Gear FF-LSD and is speciality formulated for clutch pack style LSDs like mine. Features include excellent fluidity at low temperature (which is important for those runs when you dont have time to warm the driveline) and stable thermal stability at high temperature, smooth torque transferring through the LSD.

I always carry spare oil with me at the racetrack to make sure levels are always spot on, our cars cost us a lot of money and the insurance from Motul oils is always great to have, developed for cars like ours and used in many race and drift series drivers across the world.


Thanks to Link International and Motul Oils