180SX – Riding the bank

With a 24 degree bank the Calder Thunderdome isn’t the easiest thing to slide a drift car up to the wall, infact its near impossible in the dry.

ETS Drift Ute – At work?

  Today at work we are having a fundraiser car show, the day before Drift Attack at Calder Park the 180SX gets to have a quiet day out and the Ute is sunning itself in the carpark. Im glad the we...

ADGP – Saturdays Driver Blog

Its been a pretty full on couple of weeks. Managing my time between preparing the Hilux and the 180SX for Calders ADGP event has been a full time job after my actuall full time job. Want to know how m...

ADGP – The Friday before

I have finally had time to sit down and recap on the crazy weekend that was ADGP, its been run and won but that wont stop me going through it in detail over the next few days. Above is the calm before...

Build Blog on Speedhunters

Massive thanks to Casey for posting up my part 2 build blog, please head over and have a read at speedhunters

ETS stickers are here

  Keep a lookout for a shop option on this site soon to purchase a few things including these new stickers.

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