ETS Drift Ute – At work?


Today at work we are having a fundraiser car show, the day before Drift Attack at Calder Park the 180SX gets to have a quiet day out and the Ute is sunning itself in the carpark. Im glad the weather looks ok and my workmates get to see the unfinished project. I’ve already had a few questions about why the shell is not a Ford?

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  1. Should be asking them “why aren’t we making cars like this for Ford?”.
    Besides the Falcon cab would be too big to suit the chassis right?

  2. Did you drive it to work or take it in on a trailer? Wondering how you can drive it yet? I’m sure it’s not roadworthy material at this point. Lol

  3. Yo ford, corporate sponsorship show Nigel the $$$$$$$$$$

  4. Im sure you could work out a way to drop an old F truck body over the frame in a similar manner

  5. Glad to see the drift ute on display again. Good job. I only have a grey stripped mustang so couldn’t make it. Maybe next year?

  6. More photos of the show and shine?

  7. Awesome to see the ETS Ute in the flesh Nigel. Brilliant workmanship and design, keep up the good work!

  8. Hy Nigel,

    Just noticed your @ Ford. Is your CDS ID npetrie1? 🙂

    I’m at Ford genk in belgium. if the CDS is correct, I would like to drop you a mail as I has some questions about your DIY tools.


  9. hey man..i wish i knew you worked at ford earlier in the year i would of tracked you down to give me a private tour when i was down there for training 😛


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