The role of a turbo manifold is very simple — direct the spent gasses from the internal combustion cycle of our engine out of the cylinder head and into a collective path to drive the turbocharger.  This turbo will make boost and force it back into our engine producing more horsepower. 

Whether you’re planning on upgrading the factory turbo or adding one to a naturally aspirated engine we need a manifold that is going to mount our turbo to our engine and efficiently supply it with the exhaust gasses to gain the most horsepower and response.

In Part 1 of this project we start the process to do just that to our Nissan SR20 4 cylinder engine by fabricating a new stainless steel turbo manifold to low mount a TD06L2 8cm turbocharger. So let’s go ahead and first take a look at the materials I have purchased for this task.

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