RX8 Roll Cage Project

The very nature of motorsport pushes towards one single goal — going as fast as you possibly can, this speed carries risk, and risks need to be minimised so that we can continue doing what we love for many years to come.

In order to keep going faster and faster, we need to keep pushing the limits. We usually always focus on horsepower, grip, and our skills behind the wheel to extend our limits and lower our lap times, but through this natural progression, we can sometimes turn a blind eye towards the safety of our vehicles, and this can have extreme consequences when it all goes wrong.

To depict the processes involved in fabricating a roll cage I have completed this RX8 project for you, by following the national motorsport regulations we can take a first hand look at what a regular road car needs in order to compete in high level motorsport events.

Watch it all unfold in this seven part video series and if your interested in learning more about the design and fabrication processes you can get all the information you need to produce your own by taking our Roll Cage Fabrication Skills Course.

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RX8 Roll Cage