The dream fabrication workspace

In this post we take a detailed look into my home garage with a 20 minute long walk through video and the itemised tool list that follows. This will give you a good idea on what it takes to complete the custom cars and motorcycles that come from my garage.

Custom cars and motorcycles are multi facetted creations that stir emotions within us, this leads us to love some things and hate others.

The word custom can be a pretty loose concept and in this post I am not talking about the cars or motorcycles with bolt on modifications that can be easily outsourced to local workshops.

I am talking about the painstaking fabrication process that is required to turn out the more extreme machines and the workshops or home garages that this takes place in.

Throughout my career in the industry I have always searched for more information on the tools and skills required to turn mechanical ideas into a reality.

After collating over 20 years of this first hand experience into my fabrication courses I have put together this post to give you a detailed look at my workshop and the tools within it.

Far too often I speak to people who are overwhelmed at the expense of the tools needed to turn their dreams into a reality and I know the feeling all too well, I have built up my capabilities year on year and gone from a single car garage with a vice, angle grinder and a drill all the way up to what you see here.

I recently put together a post with some essential fabrication starter tools and if you are just getting started in fabrication then this is a brilliant starting point for you.

I hope you enjoy the above video I have put together detailing my current home garage.

You will find the tool list below, I have added the part numbers so you can look up the specifics of the tool to see if it will fit your budget and workshop requirements.

In this tool list you will find everything in my garage use the part numbers to get more information on cost and sizing.

Thanks for reading and happy fabricating.

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  1. Great look inside your shed. Fantastic insight to a well tooled and purpose build home workshop.
    Any change of an overhead floor plan drawing?
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Thanks Marc, sorry I don’t have an overview plan but I hope this tour shows you the layout well enough. Cheers


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